Open marketplace

The advanced Exchange platform creates the possibility for supply (publishers, ad networks) and demand (clients, agencies, networks) to meet and trade directly. No matter which of our solutions you decide to choose, you will always have access to the first truly global marketplace for online desktop and mobile performance traffic.

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Automated trading

Imagine it was just as easy, direct, and fast to buy performance based traffic as it is to find a match on a dating app! The functionality on our Exchange platform allows all users to make deals within a few seconds. You can create and accept transactions (trades) manually, or then you can simply let the system automate this based on parameters and settings that you choose.

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A team of experts

The core of Performission is a team of experts with decades of experience within performance and affiliate marketing. Performission focuses on the Nordics markets, but can also deliver results in the rest of the world. Our teams are led by dedicated people who handle their client and partner relations in the best way possible.


About us

Performission was founded in 2016 by a team of experts and veterans of online marketing. With long carreers within sales and marketing, the team has an excellent touch on performance marketing which includes affiliate marketing, SEM, SEO, social media, influencers, etc. By using the unique skill sets of each employee, Performission can help you with all your needs within online marketing. If we can’t help you, we won’t invoice you. You only pay for results!

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Our products

Imagine that the tools and traffic you use are already implemented on the platform!

Exchange PMX

With the technology of the Exchange platform you are able to buy performance based traffic in a easier, faster, and more cost efficient way than before, whilst still having full insight, transparency, and control.

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Hub PMX is the solution that gives you complete oversight from one place. With our platform you are able to run affiliate programs through one channel which means one report, one login, and last but not least: Everything concentrated on one invoice.

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Convert PMX

Convert PMX knows when a potentially paying consumer is about to leave your store without converting. Convert answers this challenge with a customized and tailored message that leads to more conversions, reminders in the e-mail, and most of all, a great customer journey.

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Want to know more about performission?

Contact us by sending us a message using the form below, or call us at +358 50 540 0938 and we’d be more than happy to have a chat.